TEDDYFISH COMPANY is founded in 2010 in Paris, France.

Its two hands-on designers/founders started this project with passion on a homemade scale.

Each bag is handcrafted with care and time to offer the best quality to its user.

In 2012, Teddyfish Company moved and settled its own studio/workshop in Hong Kong.

And it also built its own team to continue this adventure by creating and handcrafting all its products with passion.


Creating and Handcrafting in its own studio/workshop in Hong Kong.

Each step of our work, from the creation to the manufacturing, is instilled by our conviction that things should be made to stand the test of time.
Beyond the concret durability, it also means that things around us are alive.
Because our best daily belongings go with us quietly and faithfully.
We build, day after day, an unique relationship with them.
That is how we get old together.